(AUGUST 2016)

Welcome to Custom Counselling’s blog which will provide education on a variety of life issues. This is not intended to replace personal counselling but perhaps will attract interest enough that you will wish to explore on a deeper level the subject matter(s) pertaining to you and your life.

The blogger, Judith Carscadden, has been a practitioner for over 30 years in mental health with the populations of psychiatric illnesses, personality disorders, adolescence, and addictions. She has extensive experience in counselling individuals, groups and families related to self harm and the management of difficult relationships. She has travelled throughout Canada providing educational workshops and consultations as well as author of three books on self harm.

The blog will operate on a monthly basis with a new blog appearing at the beginning of each month.
Sometimes the topic will be completed in that month; others will be completed over a period of time if
the topic is extensive.
It is hoped that you visit the blog site monthly to read the current subject and leave your comments or
views. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting CustomCounselling.com!