FEAR~Custom Counselling

FEAR (JULY 2017)   Last month, we looked at the emotion of anger; this month we will examine the feeling of fear. Remember, humans experience four primary emotions: anger, fear, […]

ANGER~Custom Counselling

ANGER (JUNE 2017)   Last month, the topic of feelings/emotions was introduced, looking at why feelings are sometimes misidentified, some common facts and fallacies about them and what the purposes […]

FEELINGS~Custom Counselling

FEELINGS (MAY 2017)   Emotions are often called “feelings” because you actually feel (sense/experience) the emotion in the body. There is a physiological change that occurs in your body as […]


VALUES-PERCEPTIONS (APRIL 2017)   A quick recap of where we are on The Life Experience Chain: the RULES AND MESSAGES received as a child are all stored in the mind; […]

THOUGHTS~Custom Counselling

THOUGHTS (MARCH 2017)   Last month we looked at some Beliefs and how they are formed from your childhood Rules and Messages. This month will focus on THOUGHTS in the […]

BELIEFS~Custom Counselling

BELIEFS (FEBRUARY 2017)   This month we are going to look at Beliefs and how they are formed from your childhood Rules and Messages. If you have ever visited a […]

FAMILY RULES and MESSAGES~Custom Counselling

FAMILY RULES and MESSAGES (JANUARY 2017)    Last month we looked at child needs and parenting styles as well as a preliminary preview of the family belief system. The rules […]

A LOOK AT FAMILY~Custom Counselling

A LOOK AT FAMILY (DECEMBER 2016) In November’s blog, I gave a skeleton outline of the LIFE EXPERIENCE CHAIN that would be the content of the next several blogs. However, […]


INTRODUCTION TO THE LIFE EXPERIENCE CHAIN (NOVEMBER 2016)   I hope from the last Custom Counselling blog, you were able to discover a few things to meditate on at Thanksgiving. […]


THANKFUL THANKSGIVING (OCTOBER 2016)   Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The name of the holiday suggests that it is a time of giving thanks. But many people wonder “Thankful? […]