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Compliments ~Custom Counselling

  COMPLIMENTS (October 2018) Last month we looked at criticism; for October we will look at the aspects of compliments. Although it seems unusual that a person would have trouble […]

Handling Criticism ~Custom Counselling

HANDLING CRITICISM (September 2018)    Last month we looked at conflict in relationships. This month we will consider aspects of how to handle criticism, both in giving and receiving it. […]

TRIGGERS (Part 2)~Custom Counselling

 TRIGGERS (Part 2) (DECEMBER 2017)     Last month we looked at triggers and how they set off a memory tape. This month we are going to look at how to […]

TRIGGERS (Part 1) ~Custom Counselling

TRIGGERS (Part 1) (NOVEMBER 2017)   Over the past several months Custom Counselling blog has looked at the beginning links in the LIFE EXPERIENCE CHAIN. This month we will discuss […]