I hope from the last Custom Counselling blog, you were able to discover a few things to meditate on at Thanksgiving.

The upcoming series of blogs will talk about the LIFE EXPERIENCE CHAIN. Each blog will cover some of the elements in one of the “chains” and we will work our way from the first link “Rules and Messages” right through to the last link “Life Experience”.

The links in the LIFE EXPERIENCE CHAIN are:


RULES and MESSAGES ~ what are the rules and messages that you heard and lived by as a child.

BELIEFS ~ about yourself and your abilities, about others, and about life or the world as a whole. These beliefs will come out of your childhood rules and messages.

THOUGHTS ~ which will include perceptions, twisted thinking, and triggers

FEELINGS ~ taking account of their purpose, misidentification of feelings, and fallacy and fact.

CHOICES ~ this segment will also look at embracing alternatives for emotions from triggers

DECISIONS ~ taking in payoffs

BEHAVIOUR ~ aggressive, passive, and assertive

LIFE EXPERIENCE ~ exploring the balance between rights and responsibilities


It’s important to read the information in the order that it is given in the blogs. Each link in the chain is tied to the preceding one as well as the next link and on up the chain. If you start reading the blogs and realize you are somewhere in the middle of the Life Experience Chain, go back to the beginning blog and start from Rules and Messages.

I have used the LIFE EXPERIENCE CHAIN in counselling sessions for many years. I hope as you read the blogs you can use the information in your own personal life or, if a counsellor, to help your clients in your professional practice.

Judith S. Carscadden