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LIVING INTENTIONALLY (The Use of Time) ~ Custom Counselling

LIVING INTENTIONALLY (The Use of Time) (MAY 2018)   TIME: What is it? Time is something all of us have regardless of our race, age, marital status, educational standing, economic […]

LIFE EXPERIENCE ~ Custom Counselling

LIFE EXPERIENCE (APRIL 2018)    Throughout these past months you’ve looked at many different things. You’ve learned that out of your rules and messages given to you as a child […]

BEHAVIOUR ~ Custom Counselling

BEHAVIOUR (MARCH 2018)  All of the things we have talked about so far in the Life Experience Chain have been internal activities. Behaviour on the other hand, is external. I […]

DECISIONS ~ Custom Counselling

DECISIONS (FEBRUARY 2018)    In last month’s blog (January 2018), you read about choices and looked at various choices when managing feelings or when triggered by an event. In order […]

CHOICES~Custom Counselling

CHOICES (JANUARY 2018) At the bottom of every blog in this series of Life Experience Chain, you have read about choices. When you were young, you were “programmed” a certain […]

TRIGGERS (Part 2)~Custom Counselling

 TRIGGERS (Part 2) (DECEMBER 2017)     Last month we looked at triggers and how they set off a memory tape. This month we are going to look at how to […]