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Worry ~ Custom Counselling

  WORRY February 2019   Worry … Worry … Worry … Worry … Worry Merriam Webster defines worry as a persistent or nagging mental distress or agitation. A second definition […]

Vacation ~ Custom Counselling

  January 2019 Sometimes we need a vacation and so this month I am resting not in some tropical place but close to all the things I love to do. […]

Holiday Wish ~ Custom Counselling

  Holiday Wish December 2018   This is the time of year that can have conflicting viewpoints for people. Some look forward to this time of year; others do not. […]

Disappointment ~ Custom Counselling

  DISAPPOINTMENT November 2018  Disappointment ~ it can happen to anyone at any time; no one is immune. From early childhood and on through life all of us will experience […]

Compliments ~Custom Counselling

  COMPLIMENTS (October 2018) Last month we looked at criticism; for October we will look at the aspects of compliments. Although it seems unusual that a person would have trouble […]

Handling Criticism ~Custom Counselling

HANDLING CRITICISM (September 2018)    Last month we looked at conflict in relationships. This month we will consider aspects of how to handle criticism, both in giving and receiving it. […]