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Disappointment ~ Custom Counselling

  DISAPPOINTMENT November 2018  Disappointment ~ it can happen to anyone at any time; no one is immune. From early childhood and on through life all of us will experience […]

Managing Conflict ~ Custom Counselling

MANAGING CONFLICT (August 2018)    Relationships will always have conflict. It doesn’t matter what the relationship is (family, friends, job, etc), there will always be conflict at some point within […]

WHEN HELP IS NEEDED (Looking at Counselling) ~ Custom Counselling

WHEN HELP IS NEEDED (Looking at Counselling) (JUNE 2018)    I don’t know whether this is true or not but I’ve heard there are over 250 approaches to counselling. I […]

DECISIONS ~ Custom Counselling

DECISIONS (FEBRUARY 2018)    In last month’s blog (January 2018), you read about choices and looked at various choices when managing feelings or when triggered by an event. In order […]

CHOICES~Custom Counselling

CHOICES (JANUARY 2018) At the bottom of every blog in this series of Life Experience Chain, you have read about choices. When you were young, you were “programmed” a certain […]

TRIGGERS (Part 2)~Custom Counselling

 TRIGGERS (Part 2) (DECEMBER 2017)     Last month we looked at triggers and how they set off a memory tape. This month we are going to look at how to […]

TRIGGERS (Part 1) ~Custom Counselling

TRIGGERS (Part 1) (NOVEMBER 2017)   Over the past several months Custom Counselling blog has looked at the beginning links in the LIFE EXPERIENCE CHAIN. This month we will discuss […]


LIFE EXPERIENCE CHAIN-PUTTING IT TOGETHER (OCTOBER 2017)   Over the past four months we have looked at the four primary emotions (anger, fear, sadness, love) and saw how these emotions […]


VALUES-PERCEPTIONS (APRIL 2017)   A quick recap of where we are on The Life Experience Chain: the RULES AND MESSAGES received as a child are all stored in the mind; […]


INTRODUCTION TO THE LIFE EXPERIENCE CHAIN (NOVEMBER 2016)   I hope from the last Custom Counselling blog, you were able to discover a few things to meditate on at Thanksgiving. […]